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Bodhi Chetan Founders

Bodhi Chetan was founded by Heidi Bisbee. A business inspired by passion for wellness.

Heidi Bisbee

From a very young age I have felt different, like an old soul….but what does that mean exactly? For me, throughout my life it meant eating up everything about life I could, soaking it all in, every morsel. People, art, adventure, family, friends, and more adventure. It wasn’t until I was much older that I really began to realize what I am here for…what my purpose is – this, is the million dollar question after all right? For me, my purpose includes so many different things, but mostly I want to help other people to achieve THEIR purpose, because, what I have come to realize is that by doing this, we can achieve true happiness.

I was fortunate enough to have a Mom who taught me a very important aspect of life – the act of giving. I remember as a very young child riding in our car to deliver Thanksgiving meals to families less fortunate, or just helping a family out with things that maybe we didn’t need, but that another family would look at as treasure. My Mom was always doing for others, and I guess I caught the bug. At the end of the day, I want no one I come into contact with to be sad or feel bad, and while I understand I cannot save the world, I know I can at least play a part, as we all can. I haven’t always had the easiest of times, but all of those life experiences has led me to where I am now. Each and every moment meant something, and if I can help even one person with the knowledge I have gained then I have done my job. I am a wife, and a mom of 3 beautiful children, a Photographer and business owner. I started Bizzybee Marketing back in 2008 out of desperation to feed my family, and 10 years later it has done its job… but is that where my story ends?

Set the stage for Part 2… becoming a mom…and the responsibility to not just myself, but to these beautiful beings we created. My goal as many of you parents out there can relate to is to raise, loving, self sufficient and most of all happy human beings. Do I fail at this? EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. But yet, my kids somehow still love me regardless. In their early years, when they were building their immune systems, and so was I, and I became ill….VERY ill and succumbed to pneumonia twice in one year. I was sick more than I was well, and how was I supposed to be a good mom and run a home based business like this?

Answer: I couldn’t.

After many visits to the docs, and more meds thrown at me and a very depleted immune system I saw no light at the end of the tunnel. I went through early menopause at the age of 37 in what felt like super speed motion and I decided to try something different and made an appointment with an alternative doctor. He discovered that I had an extreme sensitivity to chemicals and suggested I never take another antibiotic again, and so began my journey to health. Synthetic medicines were transitioned to Essential Oils, Toxic cleaners switched to natural homemade products, and mindfulness opened my eyes to an entire new world of energy healing and yoga….healing my mind, body & spirit. I began to see new friendships come and old ones leave that no longer served a purpose. I began to see and feel the transformation, and in the end, just wanted to share it with the world. My eyes were opened.

My path now includes an education on self care, nutrition, aromatherapy & energy healing (reiki 2 certified), and I have come to realize that it is not one thing that can heal, but an overall plan. My goal is to share this knowledge with those that like myself, realize there is something more out there. This doesn’t happen overnight, and I by no means have perfected it, but I learn something new everyday and have committed to this lifestyle of forever learning and growing.