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What People Think

About a year ago, I was going through an incredibly tough time. It was spring time and I unexpectedly lost my job where I worked for over 10 years. After much turmoil, I finally came to the realization that everything happens for a reason. It was time for me to move on to the next great adventure. After several months of pouring over my resume, shameless networking attempts, lame encounters with recruiters, and countless phone interviews, I was depleted of energy and a foreboding feeling of hopelessness. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t land a job. I had great experience, a masters degree, and awesome references – but none of that seemed to matter. After meeting Susan Young from the Foundation of Science and Spirituality, she read my aura, which was an extremely amazing experience, and I was told that my (stomach) sacral chakra was closed, which I immediately related back to my recent work troubles, which she knew nothing about. She recommended a Reiki session to help open up and align my chakras. Several weeks later, I scheduled a session with Heidi. It was worth a try I thought, there’s no way it could make things worse. I was a bit skeptical, but hopeful this could be my catalyst for change. And it was. I left her house that day with an incredible feeling of openness, hope, and calmness. From there forward I decided to give it to God. My circumstances would change when they were supposed to. Fast forward two weeks, I was interviewing with 8 companies. And not just temporary filler positions I would consider just to collect a check, these were all prominent, some global, organizations. Within a month I landed a role, which I fell in love with as soon as I read the job description and I now work for a company with high ethics and values. This experience has opened me up to the reality that if your mind, heart and spirit are aligned and free from negativity and doubt, you can achieve a clarity and calmness to help you grow.

Sharon Urban

Absolutely life changing experience with Reiki with Bodhi Chetan. I have not felt this energized in months- day after treatment. Not only reiki treatment but also essential oils and crystals, a bonus. I feel light and free…and open! 5 stars!

Kimberly Cipriani