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Sound Healing

Audio Acupuncture

What is Audio Acupuncture™?

The Audio Acupuncture™ energy files were made to help improve your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical energies.  

Even though we cannot perceive subtle energy with our ordinary senses, it is essential to our mental, emotional and physical functioning as well as our spiritual development. The Chinese “Chi” and the Indian “Prana” are terms that recognize this vital energy.

Stress, unhealthy life conditions, negative thoughts, etc. may lead to corresponding distortions in the subtle body creating emotional, mental or physical illnesses. Correction of the subtle energy distortion may lead to the “reprogramming” of the subtle body and may act to prevent or correct the physical manifestation of imbalance. Healthy functioning of the subtle energy system is important for the physical body and mind. Therefore, treating just the physical body, without paying attention to the subtle body, is insufficient. Balancing and evolving our subtle system is paramount in achieving physical, emotional, mental and spiritual harmony. We must take care of our subtle body and energy system.

The powerful tool of Prana-Chi is available to anyone who desires to experience and benefit from this Universal healing energy. It is as simple as playing the Energy CDs. Each Energy CD has been imprinted with specific patterns of subtle energy on each channel and on each side. The Energy created is not audible. Note that there are no subliminal messages of any kind on the Energy CDs.

As mentioned previously, our universe consists of the physical world and much higher worlds of subtle energies that interact with our physical world. In fact, changes in our physical bodies correspond to changes in our subtle energy fields. The patterns of subtle energies emitted from the Energy CDs activate and open all the acupuncture meridians of the body simultaneously, invigorate the energy centers called chakras and promote balance in all the levels of the body. Once you have achieved a 60% energy level, then the body may take over and bring the energy level up higher. Increasing the level of Energy present in your system will stimulate you to engage in new activities and can actually enhance your ability to be successful in the achievement of your goals. You will discover that you have amazing will power and are able to handle stressful situations more easily. As a user of Energy CDs you will experience much more than we could hope to describe, because you will have removed the energy blockages from your system. The range of positive effects resulting from this clearing process is all encompassing; however, specific to each individual’s needs. The Energy CDs have been imprinted with healing energy patterns for a wide variety of specific purposes, such as:

  • Purifying and Balancing the entire energy field
  • Elevating mood
  • Boosting physical energy
  • Expelling obtrusive thoughts
  • Enhancing concentration
  • Facilitating sleep
  • Opens the heart chakra
  • Stops negative thoughts
  • Opens the third eye
  • A choice of forty-six different energies

For those who practice meditation or other techniques of spiritual self-development, the Energy CDs will speed up progress immensely. They will enhance the effects of affirmations, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, and past-life regression and provide experiences of tranquility, deep peace and profound insight. Any procedure dealing with the alteration of the human energy field including acupuncture, acupressure, massage, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, yoga and meditation, is greatly augmented by using these CDs. For those people who are just entering the beautiful world of meditation, the Energy CDs will help you experience deep meditative states. All of the Energy CDs stimulate and develop psychic abilities; however, several CDs were created specifically for this purpose. Such abilities depend on one’s capacity to accumulate and control subtle energies, and the Energy CDs can train your energy centers to be receptive to psychic energy. The Energy CDs will train your energy field just as muscles are trained with regular physical exercise.

Index of Energies

It turns your mind off from thinking about habits that you’re used to doing. It lets you become more connected to your higher self because you’re not focused on running through these old habit patterns over and over again. You simply forget about your habits and obsessions and they don’t come across your mind for hours and hours. It strengthens and activates the will to take action on things you need to deal with. It can help you lose weight because it is turning on your body’s intuition so you are drawn to the amount and type of food it really needs and no more. It reduces food cravings (especially for sugar and chocolate) by balancing the energy body. Your body will also become naturally aware of how much sleep and how much exercise you need, when it is relieved of the confusion caused by all the addictions. To intensify the effectiveness of any weight loss program, we recommend using this CD up to 4 times per day (1 hour before eating) while also using the Detoxification© CD at least twice a day.

Balances the entire energy field of your body, thus stimulating balance in your life. The balancing of your etheric body facilitates normalization of your metabolic functions. Your body loves balance because when both halves of your body are in balance you will tend to exist in a state of perfect health. Also, when you are in balance, you are using both halves of your body including your brain, which gives you the best of intuition and the best of logic. It also balances both halves of your heart. Balance© is important for health, emotional stability and spiritual development. It’s the perfect Yin and Yang. It balances your entire physical system and also your environment. It will help balance from your waist down into the Earth and from your waist up into the Heavens and in addition it balances all four directions. If a location has acquired a heavy energy this CD is stronger than Detoxification© for clearing it.

Promotes healing and purification. Excellent for smokers.

Energizing pattern that builds long term energy reserves. Use when feeling fatigued and want to get a quick energy pick up, similar to a cup of coffee. When played after Positive Emotions©, it strengthens your inner self by increasing alertness and energy levels for a long period of time.

This CD is the result of two years of work creating energy patterns for deeply cleansing and energizing all of the energy centers, meridians and organ systems of the body. This CD starts with patterns for your root chakra and contains energies for each chakra including two special patterns, one for your thymus chakra (a very important energy center that is rarely mentioned in the literature) located between the heart and throat chakra, and the other for your upper (8th) chakra situated above your crown chakra. This is the longest CD and contains very high-level energies. If you experience uncomfortable sensations stop the CD and do not proceed past your level of comfort. Work with the cassette only up to this point for several days and then proceed with the higher energies. Cleanses each chakra and meridian in your body. Also aids with reducing fatigue and stress, and enhances meditation.

Note: A book entitled The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. mentions cleansing the chakras via audio CD on page 73.

A stimulating energy that increases attention and improves focused concentration. Use this CD to boost your alertness and focus when performing highly mental work, paperwork, bills or when preparing for and taking tests.

Creates an energy that encourages deep meditative states. It lifts the veils so you can communicate with your higher self more easily to hear your guidance by contacting your inner knowing. It raises comprehension to another level, to another dimension beyond normal thinking and understanding.

Balances and cleanses your energy centers and purifies your meridian systems. Since this CD acts to “detoxify” your subtle bodies (emotional, mental and spiritual) and then correspondingly cleanses your physical body, be sure to drink plenty of pure water while working with this CD on a regular basis (see the note above).

100% Gold for your subtle bodies. This is a male energy. It heals and kills viruses and strengthens your bodies. Some clients have used it for diabetes, candida and arthritis. It also connects you to archangels and higher dimensions and will draw money to you because gold attracts gold. It will promote a great increase in the flow of people and/or money to you or your business. Use when your tongue is white.

50% Gold and 50% Silver. Brings Gold and Silver into your subtle bodies to heal, protect, and expand them. Connects you to your soul with balanced male and female energy. Draws people to you and makes you feel worthy. It brings prosperity, makes you feel more solid and balanced, and protects you from psychic and entity attack. Use before a big meeting. Also use any time there is a need to feel good about yourself.

When this CD is used, do not play any other CD the same day. Do not use this while driving! This powerful CD will roll back aging and remove negative entities internally and externally. It cleans out meridians, chakras, and negativity. It activates and connects you to your kundalini (life force) energy. It stimulates life force energy circulation in your body and you can actually feel it moving up and down your spine, or you may feel a run of energy come down across your face, down the left side of your body and up the right. It chases out any negative entities as nothing inappropriate could possibly stay within your enhanced field, thus it cleans you up thoroughly. You may actually feel it three or four hours after you have used it, in the back of your knees. It’s the life force energy applied with total balance. It is one of the strongest CDs available and if a physical location has acquired a heavy energy this CD is more powerful than Detoxification© for clearing it.

Inspired by Michael Borden, Vastuved International Design

For a newly built home play each CD three days in a row on each level of your home, beginning on the lowest level, on a CD player with two speakers on the highest volume, before proceeding to the next CD.

For an existing home, or one you’ve moved into, play each CD seven days in a row on each level of your home, beginning at the lowest level, on a CD player with two speakers on the highest volume, before proceeding to the next CD.

Four CD series includes, and should be played in the following order:

  1. Cleansing Your Home©
  2. A Loving Home©
  3. Enriching Your Home©
  4. Residing With the Divine©

It is very important to remember that this Energy CD series has a much broader spectrum of positive effects than is to be described here.

This energy cleans and enhances your heart chakra and its meridian.

Usage: One time a month.

It charges your throat chakra.

Usage: Daily for 3 days, then stop for 4 days. Play up to 6 weeks.

Improves mood. Primarily for stress. Promotes serenity and aids in meditation.

For when you need quick energy.

A very gentle pattern for charging your entire subtle body with energy. Gives instant energy, like a little pick-me-up. Used to build long term energy reserves.

Natural liver detoxification from drinking alcohol, psychic attacks and general metabolic residues.

Liver Support© is to be played after Liver Detox© as a support function.

This gem of a CD creates a complete feeling of being loved. It opens and heals your heart (4th) chakra and meridian. Play this when you are sad or in need of love. Helps heal heart-based emotional trauma and cleans out residue from the feeling of hurt hearts by cleansing the meridian. It cleans your heart chakra, spins it and feeds it the elements that it needs to feel loved. It also connects you all the way back to the God source so you can feel love from God. This CD is soothing because if your heart is hurting over any issue, you’ve now got a way that you can get some relief within forty minutes. It opens up the heart chakra, and we all need love because that’s what it’s all about. Also it helps to release stress from the subconscious mind. Brings a balanced, centered and grounded state. Follow with Quieting the Mind© two hours later to relax the ego.

Pure Magnesium. Promotes integration and balancing of your mind (third eye and throat chakras) with your heart chakra, and then these three chakras are connected to a higher world. The improved integration of these chakras provides you with a better connection to different states of consciousness by connecting with the unified field that goes into the higher worlds. It connects logic to intuition and helps you hear your higher self. It allows you to speak up when you need to.

Relaxing. Increases and stimulates sexuality. Promotes and enhances female energy. If you have an abundance of male energy in your body this CD can help balance you out. It is a unisex CD. If preceded by Love to Heal© they nurture a very loving time.

This is a female energy with 8 female elements.

It meets all the needs of the female parts of your bodies. It is cooling and balances out excess male energy.

Good to use before sleeping or meditating.

Contains very strong energies that stimulate all layers of your energy center called the Third Eye or the Seat of the Soul. This chakra is responsible for spiritual vision and many schools of yoga concentrate on the development of this center. Visual pictures will come to you to show you information. This CD enhances vision through the third eye, and opens the fourth and fifth eye through the soul of your higher self. It connects you to your higher self and thus by opening your fifth eye in this way your highest self lets you see what you need to see. When you open these meridians and chakras up to your higher self there is a high frequency purification of the chakra which results. It also enhances dreaming.

Often encourages a past-life awareness in the sleep state with someone you are currently interacting with to assist in working out issues or to increase understanding.

Connects white light to you. Stimulates positive emotions and attitudes. It relaxes your nervous system while giving you a little energy at the same time. This effect helps overcome ordinary bad moods, and evens out mood swings. These changes to positive, happy attitudes can result in improved relationships with your family, friends and co-workers.

Infuses all levels of the body with oxygen. Since major healing takes place when you are asleep, this CD makes you feel sleepy so it is best to use it only in the evening or when you want to relax.

Relaxing energy pattern that literally quiets your mind by stimulating theta rhythms in your brain. This energy helps release intrusive and negative thoughts, thereby aiding in the achievement of deep meditative states thus enhancing the effectiveness of affirmations. Most non-chemical depression originates from continual negative mental chatter that programs directly into your cells, and this CD suppresses that chatter. When the chatter stops, you will hear your higher self more clearly. Use with Inner Peace©and/or Positive Emotions©.

Comforts the physical and subtle bodies.

Assists your bodies in healing.

Male-female energy, which protects you and lets you see into other realms. It connects you to the Sun and Moon equally.

When you feel hot or too “male.”

Female-female energy, which cools you down and has a “moisturizing” influence.

The CD induces delta brain waves. It is recommended to use the CD before bedtime, however very sensitive people may have to use it at least 90-minutes before retiring. Our clients have reported that usage of other energy CDs may also have a positive side effect of normalizing sleeping patterns.

Playing it allows your logical mind to relax, think clearly and open up to take in new ideas. It opens your 8th chakra and lets you connect to higher dimensions. You become more able to relax and it even relaxes your sub-conscious mind and helps you deal with major issues or ego based issues more easily. Play this before bed to promote serenity and open your dream center. Use it only when you want to relax and not go back out into the world. Follow with Quieting of the Mind©.

Usage: When you desire the described benefits.

This CD stimulates visualization abilities, has been successfully used to enhance past-life regressions and self-hypnosis, and may be used as an aid in developing psychic abilities.

This connects you with the white light. It elevates each chakra up to its highest functionality, so you become totally balanced. This actually opens your entire system for the white light to move down into your whole body. It’s a male and female energy, however it does tend to make you feel relaxed and in somewhat of a female “space”. It reduces stress and gives you a feeling that everything is perfect. A wonderful CD; however a strong CD, and it usually doesn’t need to be played more than once every 3-4 weeks.

  • Chromium
  • Etheric Body Repair
  • Etheric Gold
  • Imagination
  • Krypton & Selenium
  • Krypton
  • Magnesium
  • Nature’s Environment
  • Remembering Your Dreams
  • Selenium
  • Will Activation
  • Window of Opportunity